Size Really Matters With A Site’s Layout

Websites always used to be designed with a standard computer monitor usually of fifteen or sixteen inch screen in mind.

The site still must look good on a large screen but now it must also respond to the small mobile screen as well. The big screen can work well with multiple columns of content but clearly this is not possible with mobile devices where a single column is all that can be shown.

There has to be a consistency with the website so a person can view and find a particular part of the website just as easily on both extremes of screen size.

Google was aware early on that responsive web design supporting the many different screen sizes and devices was going to become inevitable. In fact Google rewards mobile friendly sites at a cost to those that are not.

By their own admission mobile friendly sites have since April of this year been a ranking signal that puts those websites with it at an advantage to those that are not. Clearly they see a future that doesn’t include hulking great desk top screens anymore although they do acknowledge the need for all screens to show every site at its best.

Consequently a responsive web design London company or for that matter anywhere else is an essential part of SEO work.

This year is the first year when it is expected that over 50% of ecommerce will be carried out on mobile devices. The total value in the UK is going to top £100 billion for purchased goods and does not include some ticket sales that are more difficult to analyse.

With the inevitability of the absolute necessity of responsive websites it is at least reassuring that when you have it there is every chance that future screens and devices will adapt to you and not the other way around.

In the early days of the World Wide Web a simple webpage was all you needed and it was little more than a calling card but it is increasingly the complete ecommerce package but ever evolving with time.

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