Strive For The Very Best Landing Page

As any old newspaper hack will tell you the headline sells the story and a truly great headline will sell the paper.

Some websites just have that landing page that you never tire looking at but how they manage it can be a bit of a mystery.

Too many cracking good business plans don’t work on the web no matter how well the SEO because they are let down by a poor landing page. When people arrive at the site they can’t wait to leave; its bam thank you Mam. Hello and goodbye.

The landing page has to grip the new arrival and hold attention but of course it is easier to say than it is to achieve.

Technically every one of your web pages could be termed a landing page so attention to all pages is also needed. They could arrive at your site at the ordering page or any page that belongs to your site.

A website Design Agency London like Neotericuk should explain the significance of the landing page and its importance perhaps before anything else.

Some companies just have the Wow page and the only way to get ideas is to look through as many sites as you can and not necessarily just in your line of business. Oddly enough there are some very large high profile businesses that don’t necessarily have particularly impressive landing pages.

It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating that a good landing page has 4 main features. The first is a great headline that beguiles the observer in like a Greek Temptress. It clearly conveys the message that what you offer will obviously be of benefit to them.

The second is optional but often lends more substance to the main heading and this is a sub-heading giving a little more product detail.

The third tip is known as the call to action, more or less asking your visitor what they are waiting for. Let’s get to the order page.

The last concerns superb photography or increasingly more common, a short video showing your product in action.