8 Ways a Luxury Yacht Charter Will Change Your Life

Whether you are preparing for your first or fifth yacht vacation the experience will leave you feeling like a different person after you return. Below are eight ways you can expect your life to change after a cruising vacation (spoiler alert: it is changing for the better).

1. You will appreciate fresh air.

Life on a boat guarantees one thing: lots of fresh air. During a typical day on land you don’t notice your air quality but after days, weeks, even a month of fresh air from the ocean, you’ll find that you are craving a deep breath of salty air.

2. You will learn the skill of doing nothing.

An entire week or month with no deadlines, conference calls or meetings sounds like a dream, right? The ideal vacation is filled with only activities you actually want to do — scuba diving, swimming, hiking, people watching — but unstructured activity can get boring quickly and before long you might find yourself itching to check in at work or school.

If you plan it right, luxury yacht charters don’t have to be about technology, making the trip the perfect opportunity for you to sit back and learn just how good doing nothing can feel.

3. Seasickness won’t be a big deal anymore.

If you are prone to getting ill on rollercoasters, boats or long car rides you might avoid a vacation spent primarily on the water. After you’ve spent a significant amount of time on the water you’ll learn that seasickness can be easily overcome and is no reason to skip another vacation, road trip or rollercoaster ride.

4. Air travel will suddenly seem overrated.

When traveling from one country to another the preferred, or most popular, method of transportation is air travel. Airplanes arrive at their destination quickly but the experience is not one to be savored. In fact, most people loathe airplanes and the small seats, poor customer service and high fees that come with air travel.

Traveling via a yacht charter is the opposite of air travel. The ride is the adventure and it is both luxurious and grand — definitely something to look forward too. Before you know it you’ll prefer travel by sea.

5. You will fall in love with your skin.

The mixture of sunshine and salt air will have your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated (not to mention tan).

6. Trying something new won’t seem so scary.

If you’ve never been on a luxury yacht charter before the experience can be a little overwhelming, however — just like with anything in life — overcoming your initial fear will have you craving to tackle new and bigger obstacles in other areas of your life.

7. You will renew your sense of inspiration.

For centuries the ocean has been a source of inspiration for the writers, musicians, artists and researchers and you are no different. After your vacation, you will be filled with ideas and finding inspiration around every corner of what once was your inspiration-less routine.

8. Your Instagram followers will grow.

Whether you are traveling to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or just up the coast of Florida, the views from a yacht charter are second to none. Breathtaking sunsets, clear blue water, exotic meals, stunning backdrops and a never-ending horizon lend to some serious snaps that will have your Instagram following growing in no time.

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