Best Diet and Exercise Tips for Women from Gaby Angulo

Serdar Tuncali
Aug 24 · 4 min read
Photo by: Gaby Angulo

How should women eat and exercise to lose weight and get in shape?

When it comes to diet and exercise, advice for men and women differ vastly.

There are special diet and exercise plans just for women. Group exercise classes for women to tone their muscles pop up all over the country.

Do women really need to eat and exercise differently? What are the best ways for women to get rid of flabby arms, tone their muscles, and get a flat stomach?

To answer these questions, we interviewed a very strong woman who seems to have figured out how to get in goddess-like shape. Gaby Angulo is a NASM certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer. She has answered our questions about the best diet and exercise approach for women.

Without further ado, let’s get to the interview:

Losing Weight and Struggling with Eating Disorder

First of all, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I’m sure our female readers will get a lot of new and interesting information from this interview. Let’s get started with you. We know your love for squats and Skittles, but how did you start your own fitness journey? Were you always athletic and fit?

Hahaha!! Skittles… First of all, thank you for being interested in my journey, as like most journeys, it has been full of ups and downs.

I was a chubby girl most of my life. When I was a senior in high school I wanted to change my physique. I started to exercise but unfortunately, I developed an eating disorder that put my health at risk. For a long time, I had to see a psychologist and start all over again.

When I recovered from my eating disorder and felt ready to start a new journey, the situation in my country (Venezuela) started to be very dangerous and bad, so I had to move to the USA. I did not speak English and I was afraid of gaining weight or develop an eating disorder again. So I decided to get a certificate in sports nutrition and personal training through NASM.

It took me longer than other people to get a certificate because at that time I was still learning English. So I was translating every lesson from the textbook to Spanish and looking for more info to be able to understand. However, that’s what helped me to understand how the body works and why I shouldn’t be afraid of food or lifting weights.

Biggest Misconceptions and Mistakes About Diet and Exercise for Women

As someone who moved to the USA from another country, I understand the difficulties. As a woman who is interested in getting healthier and fitter, I assume you are constantly bombarded with information and ads from both mainstream media and social media. What are the biggest misconceptions in your opinion?

“Quick solutions”. As cheesy as it sounds, being healthier and looking better is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and no supplement or diet is more effective than discipline.

That’s very true! What are the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to nutrition?

Being afraid of carbs and not eating enough protein.

How about exercise? What are the biggest mistakes women make about exercise?

Too much cardio, too little strength training, or very low volume.

Muscle Toning and Weight Lifting for Women

As a powerlifter, it’s no brainer that you lift a lot of heavy weights. But what would you recommend for a woman who just wants to lose weight and look fit?

The most important thing is to have proper nutrition. They need to calculate their daily calorie needs according to their goals. Another important thing is lifting weights that will push them out of their comfort zone.

When it comes to exercise the most popular workout programs and group workout classes promote muscle toning for women. Is there such a thing as “muscle toning”?

“Toning” is just a myth created by the industry to sell more supplements, exercise programs, or crazy diets. Muscles don’t “tone”; they either grow or shrink.

Most women believe lifting light weights will “tone” the muscles and lifting heavy weights will make them bulky. Is there any truth to that?

There is no truth about it. In fact, is very difficult for women to get “bulky” because women don’t produce as much testosterone to grow their muscles as men do.

Not Sure What to Do? Ask for Help!

Is there anything else you would like to add that we didn’t cover?

Yes, I would like to invite any girl reading this to ask for help. Don’t feel intimidated at the gym and be consistent with your goals. Because you are responsible for your success.

That is great advice. How can they get in touch with you for help?

Through my Instagram @gabypowerlifts or through my private FB group for women called “ Strong Women Lift Each Other !

Gaby, thank you so much for all the information you gave. I’m sure many women will start looking at their nutrition and exercise differently. Keep up the good work and good luck on that Skittles sponsorship 🙂

Thank You!

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