The song that broke the internet: Shelita Burke Belong feat. Kings

Could this song have broken the internet? It is that good. I was on my laptop looking for new music on Spotify and prowling through the playlist “New Music Friday” and I stumbled across Shelita Burke’s Belong (feat. Kings). This is one of those songs you remember where you were when you first heard it. Just as the song was coming to an end, Spotify was down. Then I go to Twitter and Twitter is down. Then I tried some other websites and all of them were down as well.

Could this song have broken the internet? When my internet came back on I discovered it was credited to a group of hackers, but for the record, it wouldn’t surprise me if this song actually broke the internet.

Shelita Burke is based in Los Angeles and the other artist on the track, Kings (with a recent #1 on his hands for 7 weeks whoa!) comes from New Zealand. Is New Zealand taking over yet again?