Enjoy real time cryptocurrency market data with CryptoWatch

If you’re like most people, you check your smartphone at least 50 times a day — looking at everything from text messages and work emails to weather alerts and box scores. But as many have discovered, your smartphone can help you keep tabs on your finances. Managing money, sticking to a budget and even handling investment decisions are easier than even before. That is why to help you get started we have found an amazing app named as, CryptoWatch.

What is CryptoWatch?

CryptoWatch is an all-in-one cryptocurrency analyzer which supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Lite coin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and others. By using this app now, you can keep track of prices for all cryptocurrencies on the market with just one app. Your smartphone can now be your own personal coin ticker, always keep track of market prices no matter where you are.

This app is perfect for the day-trader as well as the curious speculators. You can also keep track of your favorite coins easily with the “personal widget” function. There is no trading in the app, the wallets are just manual entry so the app can give a price on the total value in one place. You can have this app free for your iOS from the link present at the end. Moreover, if you want to enjoy more advanced features you can go for its PRO version.

App Store Download Link: CryptoWatch

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