Get ready to twist up your brain with Find the Difference in Pics

Find the Difference in Pics will take you to the universe where all wonders are possible you just need to have a little attentiveness to unlock the secrets of the magic pictures. This is a classic find differences puzzle game, for android devices. That will make you think unconventionally and see deeper. You are going to visit many spectacular places and things that you love from all over the world and train your brain at the same time! To score the three stars in the game be careful in tapping the right part of the screen as you correct taps matter a lot.

Key Features

· 72 amazing levels with different degrees of difficulty for each picture

· 10 unique differences so unexpected and challenging!

· A great variety of pictures themes, none is alike

· The most elegant design of all differences games

· The most pleasant background tune

· Brightly colored images of high quality

· You have 20 attempts to find the difference between two photos game

· You will get 3 stars for each quick match every time you find all hidden differences

Do you want to feel like real Sherlock and notice something nobody else sees? Now you have a chance! Just play the most fabulous of all find the differences games and enjoy it until the end just to start over and, over again! Download it free today on your device from the link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Find the Difference in Pics

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