It is a time to test your reflexes with Color Matcher

The casual gaming community is growing exponentially as more and more people are gaining access to smart mobile devices. Android has perfected the casual gaming marketplace and users can find thousands of games ready to download and play. Match game puzzles are a really popular genre of casual gaming due to their simplicity and accessibility. Here what we have brought for you is a new game from the same genre that is available by the name, Color Matcher.

What is Color Matcher?

Color Matcher is a cool yet so amazing, challenging and addictive casual puzzle game developed for your iOS platform devices. The game comes up with easy to use interface and there is nothing confusing at all. The graphics used in the game are of high quality with beautiful color combinations and upbeat background music. Now what you have to do in the game is to place the tiny colored ball in the boxes that match the color of the ball and failing to do so will result in a game over.

Color Matcher offers simple one tap control and you don’t need any special skills to play this amazing game. The thing that makes this game challenging is varying speed of these balls that change over the time and then it requires you keen focus and best reflexes to place each ball correctly in the particular box. In addition, for your convenience, there is also a pause button at the top left corner of the game screen so you can pause it any instant and continue to play when you can.

Downloading and installing this game is free for your iOS devices and you can have it for your device from the link present at the end of this review article.

App Store Download Link: Color Matcher

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