PopPopBalloons is a game developed to be played in your spare time

Not everyone wants to commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. That is why casual games exist! You can drop in, play whenever you want to at your own pace, and be as laid back or as competitive as you want. Most casual games are free, offering in-app purchases and some ads, while a few will cost you a dollar or two, but they are totally worth it. For this review, we have found you a game app, PopPopBalloons.

What is PopPopBalloons?

PopPopBalloons is the casual puzzle game. In the game play, your task is just to pop the balloons appearing on the screen. Along with popping the balloons, you will be also facing some other challenges while you are playing a particular level. Along with balloons, you will also see balloons with scary faces on them try to avoid popping these as they will end up your gameplay.

The game comes up with endless leveled gameplay. The graphics are so cool and the backgrounds sound effects are quite soothing that will give you pleasure when you will play this game. Moreover, it offers two levels of difficulties that you can select from the home screen of the game.

Controls are nothing more than just tapping on the screen with the best speed and at the précised points on the screen to move through the different challenging levels. The levels get harder as you move to the next level. Install today for your android and test your tapping skills. The game can be, downloaded free from the link given below:

Google Play Download Link: PopPopBalloons

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