ReMe Basket — you will never again waste your food

Fast pace of life makes us busy these days with little time to think about things like food items and their expiring date, but they cost money so it’s essential not to waste them. So are you searching for an app that will remind you when the food items you bought are going to expire? Then you are on the right place, because we are offering this unique and one of a kind app called ReMe Basket.

Know when your food is going to expire

ReMe Basket will never again allow you to forget when some food item is going to expire. How it works? You just need to add the name of the item, add the expiring date and add to the ReMe Basket. If for some reason you can’t use or eat you expiring edibles, you can simply share them with your friends using the SHARE.IT option from the app.

It will save your food and your money

With ReMe Basket you will not only save your food, but also your money. You will never again have to spend money because you forgot your food date is expired. Daily reminders at ReMe Basket will help you stay on track and always have your food fresh.

Scan the food label using camera (OCR technology)

With ReMe Basket users can just scan the label texts instead of typing them manually or they can also input the food names using google voice input, which makes it even easier to keep track of the expiring food items.

So don’t wait and download this useful app for free from Google Store.

Google Play Download Link: ReMe Basket

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