Vendr: The very first local cashless marketplace

Are you searching for an app that will allow you to buy things locally, without using cash? Then we offer you this unique app called Vendr.

The first cashless local marketplace

Vendr presents the very first cashless local marketplace. With its unique reservation system that uses integrate audio and video calling, buying from your local places will become easier and safer than ever!

No more bargaining or going to ATM

Imagine, no more annoying bargaining in the markets, or going to ATM and waiting for queues. No more stress carrying around too much cash with you to unfamiliar places. All you have to do is select an item you like and pay the seller directly through Vendr. It will always keep track of all your transaction and you will always have the comfort of being secure. You can even video check your products! How cool is that?

Buy a product without sharing private information

How many times has this happened to you? Driving to some distant place to see some products and in the end, you don’t want them? Or feeling uneasy about sharing your number or giving it out to strangers? For that reason we recommend Vendr, you will be able through the amazing features of this app to make a live audio and video calls with the sellers without giving any personal information! Put your privacy first!

Sellers can use it too

Sellers can benefit from Vendr also. Want to earn more cash? With this app, your customers can choose to pick your items or have them delivered by you. Set a per mile rate and Vendr will calculate the distance and the cost. Make more money with this amazing app!

Don’t wait and download this unique and amazing app from iTunes.

App Store Download Link: Vendr

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