Echoes of Independence

At some point in your life you made the decision to stand for something, a something that is bigger than yourself. It aids you as a moral compass and teaches you how to live your own life. Consistently checking-in with yourself to remain within integrity with who you said you are, think you are and act as you are — this is a daily dosage of honesty and a path toward independence only a few have the courage to endure.

Let’s be clear, integrity is more than just “doing the right thing when no one is looking”, it’s about being you without compromise, with or without an audience.

NerdyGirl defines independence as separating yourself from the crowd, so that you can have control over your own life. The separation allows yourself to make your own decisions, thus learning to trust who you said you are. All in effort to secure the idea that you can depend on yourself to follow through, consistently. Oh I hear the echoes of authenticity.

Speak with you soon…

NerdyGirl Monica