I am a Business Professor, speaker and now a blogger who loves sharing my NerdyGirl strategy to people who want insight on moving their career forward.

Personally, I’ve had a very unique path with limited built-in advantages and have played every card I’ve been dealt, never folding. This very strategy has allowed me to create my own lifestyle — The NerdyGirlLifestyle.

Nerdy girl is focused on women, but isn’t limited to women. Nerdy girl stems from my own personal journey in owning my unique talents and intellect while simultaneously advocating for the progression of women.

Honestly, I am pro-progression for anyone who is ready for a more fulfilling occupation.

If you desire to make better decisions about your career, searching for your passion or maybe you’re established but feeling stagnant… you have come to the right blog. I am here to give you the NerdyGirl formula to get the most out of your career decisions.

I’m excited! I hope you are too. Speak with you soon…