Untitled Education Rant

Here’s my story, a journey of 4 years in the place I have hated the most. Every time I have been to that place, I felt an immense depression hitting me so hard. I was never a failure and I never wanted to be one but this place tried so hard to prove otherwise.

I have always loved science, education and the power of making things that change the world. I believed that having passion for these things would help me get through everything I’ll ever be going through.

But I was never so wrong.

That place destroyed me, my ambition, my dreams and most importantly, prevented me from learning what I really want to on my own by taking out my time to let me learn useless facts. I have met so many people there, most of them were destroyed by it but most importantly, everyone was just ignoring that fact, striving to get the best grades and not thinking about the outcome, what might happen after they end up having their degree but without any competitive skills or personality.

I might be wrong, but I have really a strong reason to believe I’m not. I may have great ambitions and I’m working hard to be able to achieve them but I’m sure that if most of the people around me think that way, the society I’m currently living in will not have anything related to a place where I want to belong to.

I know this is nothing new, most 3rd world countries are prone to such a negative altitude after years of wars and corruption, but people are wasting much of their precious time alive trying to achieve something in vain. It’s depressing to see how people are trying to memorize everything just to get a higher GPA than their colleagues, trying to hide resources just to have advantage over their counterparts and not realizing they are already fucked up, being slave to a corrupt government that brainwashes them so they can’t fight back with education.

Yes, that kind of education sucks! Education was never about who can turn their fucking brain into a fucking rusty flash memory. That’s not how people should collaborate together to produce some new outcome. What kind of job would require you to memorize 100 equations a semester per subject? None. Equations are available everywhere, ready to be plugged into real-life problems, hacked-out to be valid for each different case. People need to develop a methodology to solve real-life problems, model them and design a working solution for them. Testing people for the strength of their memory was never a solution.

Imagine, dear reader, that I have been studying Electrical Engineering for four years and I haven’t been taught how to design any modern Communication Engineering system or any capable electronic device. It’s such a shame that my university professors get paid out of Tax-Payers money in my own country without having to update the curriculum for 15 fucking years. Imagine being taught a curriculum out of the 1990s through incompetent people who can’t even teach that properly.

I’m not writing this just to rant, I’m writing this out because I have been suffering with a lot of stress lately, I can’t sleep at all, I am trying to memorize with my really bad memory. I’m trying to survive continuous waves of depression hitting me every day while doing anything. I just feel that blue feeling coming out of nowhere, hitting me really hard. I thought about suicide, but hell no!

I have dreams, I have ambitions. I want to be someone that changes the world! I don’t want to end up in a grave with nobody knowing my name. I don’t want to die in vain. I want to help the largest number of people by improving their life. Education is crucial, it’s how humans got spaceships to the outer space, It’s the reason I’m writing this to you, today. People should never underestimate the power of good education, people should never give up this for anything else, because when you start giving up once, you’ll give it all up.

I’m sorry for such a long rant, but I had to let it out somewhere. I know this might be read by no one but I felt really good writing it out, so if you’re reading this, I really appreciate the time you had to read this out. I won’t mention my country because of personal reasons but I will hopefully edit this to mention more details.