Woman Accepts Award Honouring Female Filmmakers Emblazoned with Male Producers Name
Dane Traill-Forbyth

“ The award singles out FEMALE FILMMAKERS in an industry dominated by men, dominated by nepotism, cronyism, and everything else reserved for the elite, yet this independent short film festival awarded a man an award they invented to recogize women in film.”

First: WHERE is this group of elitist white male film makers here in Edmonton? Never heard of them!

Second: An honest mistake doesn’t give you an excuse to start grandstanding and posting up a click bait article. Designed from the looks of things for your own self-interest at the cost of the work of a group in the local film community.

I read the retraction you wrote you didn’t actually apologize all you did was clarify. The words “I’m sorry” are curiously lacking. The article itself by the way has now been archived by yours truly.