Why I quit Google and built an app that teaches personal finance to kids
Adam Naor

Hi Adam Naor, I really think children have to learn how to manage money and your app is great achieving that. However, to my mind, children should be taught to do things because it’s their duty to do it, without being paid.

Furthemore, if children get used to get money from their parents (despite they do a task to earn it), they will not value it at all. For example, getting good marks shouldn’t be something a kid gets paid for: it’s their responsibility, there is much more benefit in getting an A+ than money. In my opinion, that would stop children from discovering their passion and responsabilities: it will be all money.

I don’t want you to believe I think your app is a bad idea, it really is a good idea, but I wanted to give you my opinion about it. I have been raised without getting money from my parents and I worked since I was 15 (now I’m 20) to earn money for my expenses and for university, and nobody really taught me how to manage my money.

Just an opinion. Great article!!

P.S: Sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue.

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