It all started long before Neshaszda Wright had appeared in her first viral video: a homage to her son’s second birthday, which cleverly captured the theme of the Prince of Bel-Air and grabbed the attention of the entire city of Atlanta. Neshaszda Wright has always possessed the entrepreneurial spirit, whether it’s running her photography and videography business, mothering her children, or awarding scholarships to deserving students. Neshaszda credits creativity for a large portion of her success.

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For Neshaszda Wright, Education is Key

Neshaszda Wright became set in her entrepreneurial ways while studying at Albany State University, an HBCU focused on providing opportunities to its students. While in college, she became a college campus queen, winning Miss Albany State University, Miss Freshman, and several other competitions. She was even featured in Ebony Magazine as one of the Top 10 Ebony HBCU Campus Queens. …

Neshaszda Wright

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