26 of The Best Collaboration Apps for Your Team
Thomas Oppong

We’ve created a team-to-team messaging app and would love if you could have a look and give us any feedback you may have www.nested.me

Our aim is to make it easier for teams and groups to communicate collaboratively with each other — a simple interface, different levels of messaging (more formal + the option for quick responses) and the ability to create teams and sub-teams as well as multi-targeted messaging, in essence sending messages to several different teams or ‘Places’ at one time. We feel that it eliminates some of the inefficiency and clutter you get by relying on email for your team and business communications, and that it affords more value to the words and content of your team’s interactions — as we’ve written about here https://blog.nested.me/how-much-are-your-words-worth-literally-596e98782ccb

We’ve just launched our beta app and would really appreciate any thoughts as we move forward!

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