Collect the NFT, and unlock the Metaverse.

Collecting NFT has never been this exciting. Nestercity provides you a fully utilizable metaverse that will be unlocked once you’ve collected the NFTs; NFT Creator or Collector can easily set up a virtual gallery of their creations/collections.

Why Nestercity Metaverse?

  • Easy to set up for public
  • VR Supported
  • Hyperlink supported
  • Audio supported
  • Communication (video/voice)
  • Share screen supported
  • 3 Different sizes

Common (25x25 sqm)

Rare (50x50 sqm)

Legendary (100x100 sqm)

  • Support for all of your events
  • Rentable space for virtual events

Nestercity metaverses are designed carefully by the real and experienced architects, the following three different concepts for you to choose are:

Nesteria, the futuristic city

Exteria, the Steampunks technology

Nestsylum, the Beyond Earth

What can you do in our metaverse?

You can watch something online, share screen, meetings, gallery, etc.

Spread your web3 horizon wider, and develop your project even better, with Nestercity.

CLICK HERE to get our Metaverse-embedded NFTs.



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An architect-based web3 project on NEAR Protocol, focusing on Metaverse NFTs and 3D Assets.