Metaverse Exhibition: New Gateway for Architects and 3D designers

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“People’s opportunities are usually anchored to where they are located,” he said, but new technologies will allow people to “be able to be present in places where they physically can’t be.” — Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta/Facebook)

Exhibition has often been associated with the physical venue where people pay a visit and see the arts or Omni creations that are about to launch, or simply have their exoticness to show. With a purpose to attract people and provide an adorned experience, many sub-intentions including hard-selling, promotion of creation, or the introduction of new technology within an area are tucked in.

Though it comes at a considerable cost and effort, the physical exhibition has always been very intriguing. Big thanks to the committees who manifest their ideas and decorate the venue as such, allowing people to come together to enjoy the scenery.

According to, virtual events were growing in popularity before the pandemic, with the sector valued at almost $78 billion in 2019 and expected to grow at over 23% annually between 2020–2027. The advent of technology and the proliferation of the digital world allow people to have a virtual gatherings. Especially during Covid-19, people have no choice but to attend virtual activities, including the online exhibition. Such an exhibition tries to imitate the experience that people have in the real world and apply it to the immense experience just behind the screen or the VR headset. Although it does not give a similar experience to the physical exhibition it offers, people can still enjoy the value of the creation and the decoration managed by the personnel or architects behind the show. Architects or 3D designers now can put their masterpieces to advance the graphics and improve the seamless-immersive experience so that people can interact in a like-world meeting, which is transboundary friendly and time-disparity-proof.

ASAC Exhibition
A+M Exhibition — Paras

As a new gateway to leverage their values and monetize their skills, Architects and 3D designers are now privileged to invite the visitor or prospective collector to see it in an online exhibition, within the metaverse. The metaverse allows people from different countries to gather in one place. Digital exhibition has a very strong advantage. Nestercity, a project that was created from real-life use cases saw an enormous amount of underutilized 3D assets which turns out to be highly valuable to be put on the Metaverse market. The following examples are benefits when someone or an organization strives to hold a metaverse exhibition:

Hyperlink to the sale or creators’ portfolio

  • Connect to the marketplace e.g, Paras, Opensea, The Auction, Mintbase, Apollo 42, etc.
  • Connect to the profile and portfolio of the creators e.g.,, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.

Scalability of the space

  • Allows people from different countries to work together remotely for building a single metaverse venue. It expedites people to work faster when building collaborative projects.
  • Given the absence of physical space, it allows the promotor to create a space in which people can just click through a link or log in with a certain blockchain protocol wallet e.g., near, Ethereum, etc., Or no wallet at all e.g., Myriad Town or Mozilla Hub.

Huge cost-saving

  • Participating in an online exhibition requires transport, hotel, meals, etc. Limited people due to space constraints. The Internet now has unlimited space unlike our earth which is subject to scarcity and price increases of renting space due to inflation, the metaverse exhibition comes up as an alternative solution
  • Metaverse exhibition allows anyone to sit from their chair in the bedroom or place their VR headset from anywhere whenever they want, so long the internet connection is good enough.

Invite a limitless amount of people.

  • In alignment with the huge cost saving when not taking a real-world physical space, the metaverse exhibition can invite as many people as possible. Albeit some lag issues may appear to occur when the number of participants increases, it is just a matter of time to make resolving such small glitches.

Many benefits can be listed more as time goes by. Just by having a two-year term, metaverse has been gaining popularity worldwide and giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, Accenture, etc., are adopting metaverse as part of their a-must-have instrument to engage with their clients, co-workers, and stakeholders both in public and private sectors. Now is the time for Architects and 3D designers to unlock the full potential of this emerging technology.

Some ethical questions may arise then, do you think that people will prefer metaverse exhibitions, or is it physical exhibitions that can still upper hand in the long run? Will it protect the privacy of humans even better or make it severe?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!

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