Unlock the NFT, Unlock the New World

According to Chainalysis, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) had an astonishing number of total sales in 2021 of $40bn and had increased to more than $42bn this year. Unfortunately, these NFTs are often used only for buying and selling static items on digital platforms. An underutilization, indeed.

Architectural NFTs in Nestercity are designed and built by both amateurs and professionals. It accentuates the creativity and diversity of design taste combined with functionality. To add more value and enhance the experience, unlockable content is one of the pivotal components available.

Unlockable NFTs are equivalent to freebies or bonuses that sellers offer their customers. Here, at Nestercity, the NFT is a key to unlocking the freebies, which is the Metaverse. Our Metaverse can be utilized for several activities, from Meetings to Exhibitions.

Unlockable content is only accessible to people holding a particular NFT. It can produce an additional value in the secondary market as collectors can resell it when it is no longer used or have other designs that attract the eyes. Moreover, creators can gain royalty and have meaningful relationships with fans and collectors. Thus, NFTs will be dynamic assets that can contribute to people’s lives. It’s a win-win solution for all!

Get our NFT only on PARAS!

Link: linktr.ee/nestercity



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An architect-based web3 project on NEAR Protocol, focusing on Metaverse NFTs and 3D Assets.