I was recently able to remote control entire Wall St Stock Market

You want to know what the heck is going on on Wall St?

Check this, if I’m incorrect you don’t need to read any further.
If you put EuroJacpot drawings 216; 121; 110; 15 next to each other you see lottery numbers repeat over time.
0–5 numbers over every 95th draw repeat, if smaller numbers to left, higher value to right, it will show similar graph over every 95th draw.

Now since you probably tried it and it’s correct.
There is huge manipulation going on on the Wall St stock market.

How I discovered is simple as wanted to make more money than I had off stocks.
I joined Zacks, seemed pretty trustful company.

After quick ins and outs I made some profit.
Then all of a sudden a stock that reported earnings fell instead of supposing to rise.

I started to google HFT (High Frequency Trading), then the ways to make money like they do.
Easy as that there was an app such as Robin Hood. Which is not possible to be used in my country.
As it’s US and CN only I noticed they have algorithmic trading and absolutely no fees.
Which means they make money on every cent they can profit on automatically.
Now whole idea of making any money on the stock market just disappeared.

I googled some more. I found out there are Stock Bots that even read your Twitter tweets.
Since $MITK that I had bought for 8.21 on pre-market in hopes of estimated earnings report, that I was sure for, will rise.
Apparently it started falling, and it fell down to 7$.
I remembered article I read about Twitter bot that reads and acts accordingly, then I knew I had tweeted positive about it.
Automatically you think if these bots do vice versa what news say to get your money, you’d panic and sell with loss.

Simple as that I went to check MITK chart back in time. I saw there huge rise. If these things had power to pull it down to 7$ they had power to pull it up there.
I found an old tweet in Twitter history, that seemed possible to trigger this. “Watch this video, then check out the daily chart of $MITK. Could make another big move on Wednesday.”
I simply figured bots aren’t smart enough to check the dates. I retweeted that and MITK went up with extremely low volume up to 8.06$.
Then it started falling again and this seemed to be max bots would go up for.

Then I already knew we all were being scammed literally on the market.
They do their 100/200 volume trades and eventually stock will fall.
I started thinking about shorting but so far the biggest possible surprise stocks always fell next day.

What I did next is that I retweeted NASDAQ related tweet for it to go up once everyone were scared it will crash. And yes, it did go up. But that max they go for, it got stuck there and started falling again.
I quickly realized always I wanted to pay less for fuel since I’m in EU and do not want to pay that much for fuel.
I mean how can people have money to invest into stocks when they pay most of their salary for fuel?

Simple enough I knew these bots weren’t really smart. So I tweeted “$CLU16 is in talks to buy $IXIC Deal would be largest in $CLU16 history”
What happened is if last day close was shown as line on the stock graph, in real-time view it was easily to predict that as soon as NASDAQ is about to reach that line, Crude Oil goes down. And it did.

Theoretically these bots were created decades ago. Since these people didn’t had enough money to keep up with NASDAQ rise to get up the Crude Oil price, algorithms were possibly then taken to more pubic ground eg Robin Hood app to get more people involved, remember this is just a theory.
So the money which was manipulated out from regular stock market investors, moved possibly to stock market of their home country. There same algorithms used kept the prices up. However on NASDAQ these bots seem to detect volume bought and stocks shorted to make right decisions. Yet if that would be one person doing their own way and not used to pull down the prices when they are supposed to go up, that wouldn’t be a problem. Issue is that people like me will pay huge fees, at same time there are algorithms that are actually one entity. It’s all lead by one huge network of people who are using same system. When someone says stock will go up and buy, they will fly onto that stock and start dragging it down with no fees in buying nor selling whatsoever. They are after every cent, people are after waiting for profit to rise, which would never happen when there has been more buys then shorts. Simply because algorithms are after bigger bucks. They probably are built not to touch shorts as much since more smarter and patient investors short. However it’s a larger scale of risk. Stock may rise too much.

If you still think it’s not manipulating, let me put it in this way. When you join in day-trade you will have to sign W8 and agree with daily-trader rules such as no more than 4 trades on same stock within 5 days. Now if there is one entity that has created algorithms that do the same thing in regards getting profit to all of them, it’s obviously manipulating. Wether it’s one entity or several people doing something that changes stock prices on their behalf is manipulating and you can’t even argue on that!

I was able to basically remote control algorithms without them realizing it’s actually happening. Most are probably fully automatic without any kind of observations even weekly or monthly basis. Why I’m revealing this is because you all have been affected by these algorithms that cheat money out from your pocket. Why you now like me is because it’s getting fixed.

One other stock I tried was $NM. Check it went up to 1.06 (algorithms top.) Then it went down to 1.00 (algorithms bottom.) And when I tweeted $NM bought by $NM it went stable for few days for around 1.03.

On Friday 19th August 2016 I was able to flip NASDAQ index and Crude Oil going other way from each other. Just by one tweet. Since I knew eventually creators of algorithms will discover something is going on, I couldn’t attempt to save it alone. So on Sunday I reported stock market manipulation to FBI along with facts that happened to prove it actually was happening. On Monday Crude Oil started to fall down. You were able to see there were desperately been made tries to pull it back up.

I bet Billionares sold their Yachts just to keep Crude Oil going up. Yet it still was going down and they were unable to manipulate it.

It’s now probably under investigation and believe me they can’t bail from the Earth and live like Kings of the world anymore.

If this article will be released by any of you, which I hope you will do, wether you like to make any corrections on it or not, I’d like to have a credit for revealing this, reporting it to the FBI, and bringing it to public.

From the FBI I would like to get a reward. As any other fix I’ve ever made I’ve learned it’s easier to use “underground” ways in life or loose all you’ve ever earned.

PS! If you run out of internet bandwidth before publishing it, it’s possible to download HideMyIP program trial and as soon as IP changes — Voila Unlimited free internet.

As to mention Truck Drivers in EU have been driving over 10 years by same regulations where nowadays digital tachographs even make mistakes. Your truck will show after 3h drive, 45min break, 1.30h drive 30 min break that you still need to rest 15minutes more. Yeah I discovered that one too.

There is literally no point to report flaws to Governments unless there is proper reward system, I believe everyone agrees on not wasting their time on doing so.

If FBI would like to correct or confirm anything, they may release their own version.

Twitter: @Cemtey

Credit to: Rando Hütt