If you’re so upset by that, do everything you can to vote the GOP out.
Faruk Ateş

I’ll second Giao Nguyen’s comments. Not only is congressional inaction advantageous in certain situations, but the tendency toward gridlock was deliberately built into the system by the Framers. This is what Faruk seems to misunderstand. Indeed, James Madison, the so-called father of the U.S. Constitution, praised the adversarial design of Congress precisely because it would prevent too much legislation from being passed too quickly. The American regime was intended to function as a federal republic dedicated to the preservation of political liberty, not a sprawling bureaucratic state dedicated to the endless, rapid excretion of meddlesome regulations. Those who praise the use of executive orders as a means to skirt the system of checks and balances might as well be honest and say that they prefer a dictatorial regime to a republican one.

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