Last modified: 30.03.2018

Network GURU token sale’s own AFFILIATE and REFERRAL CAMPAIGN

Calling out to all affiliate marketers and contributors!

As we are smart marketers ourselves we are bringing our skills of smart marketing and ……


Get rewards from your referred contributions and EARN REAL CRYPTO!!

The RULES are simple:

  1. Spread the word about our project Gagapay Network and invite contributors via your affiliate link (retrieve it from your user dashboard). Earn commissions from their contributions in the same currency they pay with. You EARN REAL CRYPTO!
  2. Earn more from using your networking skills >> affiliate and referral bonuses go up to 5 levels making it 11.5% of commissions from the whole network, 5% per first-level.

3. You will be able to withdraw all your earned commissions once we reach the Soft Cap! So let’s all work together to reach it quicker! 🙂

4. In the case where we do not reach the Soft Cap all commissions will be returned to the initial contributor’s addresses.

5. As we want to make it more fair and square for you and our project launch: to withdraw your commissions you must BUY a minimum of $500 worth of GTA tokens.

6. Token sale opens on 23rd April during the Pre-ICO stage.

Visit our website HERE and join us for this amazing journey!

Let’s build a smart marketing platform for a shared success!