How is related to Gagapay Network?

The and Gagapay Network projects are part of the same crypto project company that launched — a cloud mining service in May 2017. Our company’s vision is to create one platform of integrated crypto services that would enable our customers of any of our projects to have the convenience of not having to join different platforms for storing, exchanging, earning and SPENDING their crypto.

We are creating a one-stop destination for the modern crypto user.

All crypto projects we have launched and are planning to launch in the future will be integrated with our main project which is — crypto platform for storing Bitcoin, altcoins and tokens, exchanging them and spending them via pre-paid cards and mobile payments. payment platform is launching in Q3 2018. However, Minersale is already using since December 2017 for billing engine and payouts, so it is a working project already that we will launch very soon. Gagapay Network will also be seamlessly integrated with for crypto and token transactions — which will enable the users of the platform to further spend their crypto without the need to transfer to external exchanges or wallets or pre-paid card providers. Less hustle = less transaction and currency exchange fees = happy crypto users.

Our vision

We are not only growing a Gagapay Network community but overall a global Gagapay community of crypto users and blockchain enthusiasts.

We want to build the most all-inclusive crypto destination that would allow our customers to be able to use and spend cryptocurrencies within a single platform.

We plan to integrate all projects with crypto payment platform enabling customers to spend their earned crypto via pre-paid cards and mobile payments. For the community we will organize our own affiliate, referral and loyalty programs to enable our customers to receive rewards and reach their own financial freedom, as well as, give lower transaction fees for customers of more than one Gagapay project.

We are launching the crypto payment platform in Q3 2018 (June/July) and from Day 1 the platform will allow storing cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as from Day 1 we will have pre-paid cards available for customers to order. website is already open to email subscriptions — everyone who subscribes NOW will participate in a contest to WIN a FREE pre-paid Mastercard or Union Pay card from Gagapay.