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Jun 2, 2018 · 2 min read

More and more benefits for our utility token holders!

We already introduced crypto payment platform built by the same management team and award-winning developer team of Gagapay Network. is already launching in less than 2 months (June/July 2018) and it is already announced that Gagapay Network — smart marketing platform will be integrated with for cryptocurrency storing, exchange and payment services.

Moreover, all contributors to the GTA token sale of more than $500 worth of crypto have already a guaranteed free prepaid Mastercard or Union Pay card from


In partnership with the crypto payment platform

our utility token #GTA that will fuel the smart marketing platform will also be usable in for paying commission fees for the crypto payment services. Moreover —

by choosing to pay the fees in #GTA tokens, the users will enjoy major commission fee reductions on:

▶ internal crypto currency exchange commissions between crypto wallets;

▶commissions on deposits and withdrawals;

Therefore #GTA holders will be able to use the utility token for both platforms:

  1. to purchase Gagapay Network subscription and to unlock platform features;
  2. to pay for commission fees, thus enjoying competitive market prices for storing, exchanging their crypto.

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