Bi-Weekly Newsletter 06.27.18

We’ve been so busy working we almost forgot about writing this week’s newsletter! I guess the phase “Time flies when your having fun” rings true, especially here at Network Token.

We have a bunch of items launching this week as promised!

  • New Website Redesign: We decided as we’ve grown as a company we needed to give a face lift. We will have this launched on 6.30.18 (Saturday) and hope you all love the new design and updates. Here is a preview of the new design:
  • On-Chain Certificate Tracking: Courses will be eligible to receive a certificate of competition for all users who pass tests to complete the course. Our most unique feature with this will be the certificates. As most of you know adding data into a transaction is the simple part, for your average non-blockchain user (i:e Most employers) this is where it gets complicated. We came up with a simple solution. We’ve created a portal on our site that will pull the data from the blockchain and decrypt it for you, taking it one step further we’ve decided to make it even easier. Each certificate will be linked to a short 6–9 digit code, Simply enter the code into the portal and it will pull the certificate and matching transaction incase you want to verify it via etherscan. This makes it easy for your employer, mother or even your dog to be able to validate the authenticity of the certificate.
  • We’ve worked out all of the details to our agreement with an educational youtuber and are excited to announce they will be launching their first 8HR Solidity programming course on our platform. This course will be in full video format broken down into multiple lessons making it easy to do a lesson a night and pick up exactly where you left off.
  • Content creator guidelines are also being finished up and will also be available this week. We will push our main marketing effort over the next few weeks into this area. Create beginner level free courses for our platform and you’ll be paid in NTWK once the course is launched, Create premium level courses with at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures and you’ll be paid in NTWK once the course launches AND a percentage of the NTWK users pay to enroll.
  • We are also happy to announce we will be listing on Coinpulse Exchange in July! Coinpulse is launching their official trading platform on July 1st and we can expect to be listed sometime in July.

All of these items will be launched by the end of this month, If you have any questions for us please join us in our telegram as our team is active and ready to answer any hard questions you may have:

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