Network Token: Cryptocurrency Education Made Simple

Firstly, Let me introduce myself, My name is Kristen and I am one of the founders of Network Token and I am here to tell you about our humble project.

The problem with the cryptocurrency space today is that there is a high volume of noise; in the form of news articles, blogs, data and information, meet-up groups, developer conferences and the like.

So, how can one possibly sift through all this information? Our view is that, we must be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and not depend on projects that promise to aggregate, analyze, and recommend. There are far too many opportunists in this space and our goal, as a platform and as active members of the crypto community, is to provide a place to develop basic knowledge, critical thinking skills, and an anti-fragile growth mindset.

We must always keep in mind that blockchain technology itself is decentralized, but as long as there are humans behind and supporting these projects, we must always remain vigilant. Network Token is positioned to be the central place for mindset development, social awareness, and digital literacy surrounding cryptocurrency. We accomplish this through providing basic, intermediate, advanced, and premium course offerings. Our content ranges from Social Media posts, articles, videos, and interactive courses within our platform. In order to establish a strong educational foundation and mental fortitude, we are designing our content using established gamification principles. Through gamification, we target users who are interested in developing both hard and soft skills. We have designed our courses to emphasize development in both these skill areas so each student will come out well-informed and well-rounded.

Our four (4) Primary Skill or Talent Trees revolve around:

Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining

Cryptocurrency Trading

Blockchain Development

Business Strategy

Each of these trees have their own set of badges, rewards, challenges, and mastery tracks. With all this information, every student’s progress will be stored and tracked on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Once courses are completed a student will be able to take a test to prove their knowledge, once the student has successfully completed the test they will be rewarded with an on-chain certificate.

To see the transaction for yourself:

Click “Convert to UTF8” to see the certificate.

You might also ask why we decided on the name “Network”.

We chose network because our learning platform runs on a network of content creators that are essential to our ecosystem. We use a reward based system where users are rewarded with tokens for their contributions to our platform. The content submitted is fully vetted before being released on the platform and we have a strict set of guidelines for creators to follow to ensure only robust content is posted.

Going forward all of our newsletters will be posted here on Medium and we look forward to changing the world with you.

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