Network Token — Bi Weekly Update

It’s been a busy two week’s over at Network Token! We have a lot to share with everyone!

This week we were able to get education tracking live on the platform, you will now be able to view all completed and enrolled courses under your profile page. This will also show your progress within all courses and how far you are from completion.

We also have updated our “Become a Teacher” section with a clear Code of Conduct. We will have guidelines and payment schedules established and posted this week, This is a great way for you to share your knowledge with the community and earn tokens in the process.

We have also added a new section into the platform: NTWK Tutorials.

In this section we will be posting all informational tutorials and guides that are short enough not to warrant a course. These will be easy reading that can be viewed and understood easily. Our goal with these tutorials is to get as much information to users in as short of a time frame as possible. We understand most people don’t have hours to commit to sitting in front of a computer to take a course, with our tutorials all information will be easily digestible within minutes. We will also be using this section to drive traffic to our platform using SEO techniques within each tutorial and guide. currently we have posted our first tutorial : How to Trade Network Token on Etherdelta/Fork Delta and will continue to add tutorials weekly. This section of the platform will not require a user to login to view any content.

We are also super excited to announce that we have come to an agreement with a top dApp developer and teacher to host courses on our platform. This will help us drive traffic for those looking to learn solidity and build their own dApps. We are finishing up the final details and the full series video courses will be live on the platform by the end of June.

This week we will also be deploying our “On-Chain Certificates”. These certificates will be irrefutable and cannot be changed by any student or teacher. All of our upcoming paid courses will include a certificate with the fee of the course, Any free course that a user passes will be eligible to receive a certificate but we will be charging in NTWK to cover the costs of gas, the final pricing has not been determined yet.

You will receive two copies of your certificate, One in PDF format that you will be able to print out and add to your resume and another copy on the blockchain.

How does that work?

We upload your certificates image into the blockchain and send the transaction to your wallet of choice. We have developed a converter that will be live on our platform to physically view the image. Here are the steps:

You’ll copy the Input Data from the transaction that you receive in your wallet, from there you will go to (Link will change once we finish designing the interface) paste the input data into the bar and press submit

You will see an exact copy of your certificate that lives within the blockchain.

This system will be deployed before the next update!

And lastly, We will begin a full redesign of the website along with a fully updated roadmap. Our new website design will also be launched before the end of June.

Always as a reminder, our Premium Tools are available for purchase for 1500 NTWK token, To purchase tools please reach out to us directly or you can reach out to us via our telegram channel with any questions, Our entire team is active 24 hours a day and there will always be a direct team member to answer any questions you may have.


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