Doctors Will Help Change Our Broken Medical System
Elisabeth Rosenthal

I am not certain you were referring to the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement with your concern about doctors charing “membership fees”, but if so, it’s clear you continue to misunderstand it. Perhaps you are continuing to conflate the DPC model with concierge, but I know several members of the DPC community have attempting to educate you on the motivations of our our practices and value proposition to afford patients.

The ironic thing is the the DPC physicians are the strongest advocates within the medical community for your other requests — and it’s not even close. In fact, we are so demanding of your requests (labs, hospitals, radiology, lawmakers) that many people label us disruptors of the peace. You will not find stronger advocates for awareness of health costs on behalf of their patients than DPC physicians. How many doctors do you know who would write something like this . . . .

If you would like to learn more about DPC movement, I invite you to attend the upcoming DPC Summit this June in Washington DC. We will be teaching doctors about how to fulfill most of your requests to their fullest.

*Note: most DPC practices charge closer to $60–80 per member per month, but the trend has been lowering in recent years. My average per member per month charge is $43. The value of that is returned in many ways to my patients (


Ryan (Dr. Neu)

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