Neuromation is excited to announce that NTK will begin trading on WhiteBit this week.

WhiteBIT is a European licensed centralized exchange that offers crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions with 0.1% trading fees. WhiteBIT averages over $1 bln in trading volume daily and boasts more than 300,000+ users globally registered on the platform.

This is a major step in providing both Neuromation’s users and token holders with NTK liquidity to allow seamless transactions on the Platform. NTK will be listed initially with the NTK/BTC pairing with USDT to follow in a couple of weeks.

This exciting moment in our corporate development, together…

Neuromation is pleased to announce that Martin Birch, managing partner
of Eastern Europe focused investment bank Empire State Capital Partners
has joined the core management team of Neuromation as Non-Executive

Originally from Cambridge in the UK Martin started his career as a
Eurobond Trader with Merrill Lynch in London in the 1980s and in the
intervening decades has held numerous senior management roles across a
wide range of businesses and locations including Berlin, Frankfurt,
Amsterdam and Sydney. Martin was one of the founding partners of Empire
State Capital Partners in 2014.

With the Neuromation AI platform about to go…


As discussed in our last update, these voluntary reports will now be on a bi-annual cadence, so the below will cover from June 30 to December 31, 2020 as well as some more current information that may have become available prior to publication.

We very much appreciate the opportunity to update our token holders on the latest events at Neuromation, including product development, research and client work. These reports also provide an excellent opportunity to review our available services for business clients and token holders as offered by our “Neuromation Labs” business practice units.

  • As our main focus continues to…

An important new technology for medical research has been developed on the Platform in coordination with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

EMBL led collaboration with scientists around the world to create DeepCycle — an AI-driven system with potential applications in cancer research.

EMBL worked with global AI researchers including Neuromation Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko, and Senior AI Researcher, Alexander Rakhlin, to develop DeepCycle, an AI-driven technology that models the lifecycle of cells — how they grow and divide. Using approximately 2.6 million microscopy images of canine kidney cells, the novel deep learning model is able to reconstruct…

As mentioned in our last update, these voluntary reports are now on a bi-annual cadence so the below will cover the first 6 months of 2020 as well as some more current information that may have become available prior to publication.

Going forward, we would like to use the opportunity provided by these reports to update our token holders primarily on product development, research, client work and expectations for the future. We would also like to briefly review our available services for business clients and token holders as offered by our “Neuromation Labs” business practice units.

The current update will…

During the time since our last Quarterly Report, Neuromation has been primarily focused on expanding and improving our core product, the Neuromation Platform — now called

This enhanced product focus has been reflected in a streamlined and reoriented team structure, which has emphasized development and direct customer outreach while deprioritizing more generalized marketing and communications activities. We have found that this approach has been working well and has resulted in higher level conversations with AI practitioners, founders and executives regarding their needs and our product. This, in turn, has informed an expansion in the functionality of the platform and an improved definition of our target audience and market niche.

In the below update we would like to walk you through the exciting developments in functionality and…

Welcome to the final, fifth part of my review for the ACL 2019 conference! You can find previous installments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Today we proceed to the workshop day. Any big conference is accompanied by workshops. While some people may think that workshops are “lower status”, and you submit to a workshop if you assume you have very little chance to get the paper accepted to the main conference, they are in fact very interesting events that collect wonderful papers around a single relatively narrow topic.

The workshop that drew my attention was the…

The New Year is here, which means it’s time to relax a little and venture into something interesting, if hypothetical. In this holiday-edition NeuroNugget, we will review the current state of deep learning… but from the point of view of artificial general intelligence (AGI). When are we going to achieve AGI? Is there even any hope? Let’s find out! We begin with a review of how close various fields of deep learning currently are to AGI, starting with computer vision.

Deep Learning: Will the Third Hype-Wave be the Last?

Recently, I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on whether current progress in deep learning can lead to developing artificial…

Following last quarter’s launch of the Neuromation Marketplace, Neuromation has expanded its offering of AI services, compute resources and synthetic data. Our AI specialists are standing by and looking forward to hearing from you. Neurotoken (NTK) can be used in the marketplace for AI services including data labeling, model development, synthetic data creation, AI strategy consulting and fundamental research. Marketplace users also continue to have the ability to rapidly and seamlessly provision cloud resources, services and storage for the training of ML models via our developer platform.

As described in the brief updates below, Neuromation has made significant progress in…

This September, the Neuromation team participated in one of the largest conferences in the world with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence — Strata Conference in New York.

We have met fellow scientists and AI practitioners, industry leaders looking to deploy the latest AI innovations and strategies. Our platform demos received great traction in the AI community and we are super excited meeting prospective leads. Our engineering team is back to the tranches implementing feedback received from demos to AI practitioners.

The program of the conference has covered the entire range of big data tools and technologies as well as hot topics like AI and machine learning, and a specific focus on how to implement data strategies.

Keep an eye on our social media channels to learn more about our future events!

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