On my crippling, self-induced Photography hiatus

I’ve been on a photography hiatus for heaven knows how long, and I was thinking that it could be brought about by the ultimate stress machine that is law school.

In reality though it might be my increasing cynicism of the world?

This hobby of mine started when my mom brought a home a Nikon DSLR Camera 8 years ago (which remains to be my only DSLR camera until now) and as a person who wants to capture beauty (but can never produce one), landscape photography has been a great endeavor.[Yes, I refuse to spell this word with a “u” :D]

Long story short, I have been doing this for my self since other people don’t really care about my stuff (except 3 or four people?) and the greatest achievement I ever had in this field was when a random photo of mine won an award in a college-wide contest (but I wasn’t credited for it though, much like a ghostwriter). Recently, however, there exists a traitorous spark in me which wants to explore higher grounds and take photos again.

I guess it’s finally time to find my old, 8 year old DSLR in that horrible mess called my room.

[[How do I post photos in this website though? #include<conio.h> and its cohorts forever scarred me when I was a wide-eyed, 14 year old pubescent kid ]]

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