My Very First Blog Post!

I am writing this blog to introduce who I am. My name is Nevena Nikolic and am in my 1st year at the Australian Catholic University studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. I am currently undertaking a unit called Communication and Digital Technologies which has enabled me to learn so much about the world of technology. It has taught me a range of new skills about building our PLN platforms and am looking forward to keep building my skills with technology. As a future primary school teacher, the unit has taught us to engage children with technology. As technology is becoming more important in this modern world, it is important that we apply it in our classrooms. As blackboards are becoming outdated and smart boards are more commonly used, future teachers need to be educated on the importance of using new technologies to educate their students.
The purpose of my blog is to express my views on the topic of education. I am very passionate about the importance of education that is necessary in this world. It is something that I feel every individual benefits to. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” This quote by Nelson Mandela shows just how important education is to the world, it has the power to the change the world. My blogs will also focus on other categories like lifestyle and beauty but for now I would like to focus on technology. I am looking forward to keep writing my blogs.
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