When approaching a green, a Two Putt is always a good goal. As you can see in the month of December Just Take The Penalty from the Golf Calendar 2015 from , a two putt can sometimes seem impossible! Click the picture below and enjoy all the hilarious golf pictures from the 2015 Calendar.. The perfect Christmas gift for dads! Then read below and learn about how to increase your chances of getting a two putt!

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You can buy the Just Take The Penalty Golf Calendar 2015 here:

The Illusive Two Putt

Dave Pelz recommended that 17 inches past…

Never Surrender, The Deer Hunter Shirt is one of our most popular designs among hunters. You can get the shirt Orange Ink on Black or Black Ink on Orange.

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Deer Hunter Shirt in Orange

2015 Golf Calendar from Never Surrender Available now!! Pefect Christmas Gifts for Dads, Golf Gifts! Funny Hilarious hand drawn golf humor!!

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The Never Surrender Spirit

“A good golf partner is one who’s always a little bit worse than you are.”

If the video below reminds you of your golf partner, you have to admit; at least they have the Never Surrender Spirit!

Link to Video.

What’s a good golfing buddy if you can’t have a few laughs along the way?

It’s important to let them know every once in a while that you value their effort in golf and you’re looking forward to playing more with them in the future! ;D

Or…at the very least to remind them that you enjoy drinking a few beers…

Funny Golf Calendar 2015 + Gratis Gift 

Hello golfing friends and friends of Never Surrender!

Have you heard about the funny golf legends “Chip” and “Putts”?
If not, then it is time to take a tour through our new JUST TAKE THE PENALTY GOLF CALENDAR 2015!

Enjoy the funny world of golfing legends “Chip” and “Putts”. These great golfing buddies simply refuse to Take A Penalty Stroke — even in the worst round of golf. Therefore we created the Just Take The Penalty 2015 Calendar to introduce our favorite twosome to the golfing world!

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This golf calendar features 12 hand-drawn hilarious golf pictures…

Christmas Gifts for Men

Christmas Gifts for Men

As a woman, one of the most difficult things I’ve come across in my life is thinking of good Christmas gifts for men. Some people are perhaps natural with the art of gift giving; but unfortunately, I wasn’t bestowed with this miraculous gift.

Suffice to say; when it’s time for someone’s birthday or even time to buy Christmas gifts, I struggle quite spectacularly.

Maybe it’s a genetic thing; My mom DID gave me a men’s shaving bag for my 18th birthday. Though I’m hoping it was an accident; but I guess I’ll never really know.


Never Surrender

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