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In Preparation for the launch of AmeVRica and a concerted effort to reach a wider audience. NEVERDIE will re-launch the NEVERDIE Web 3.0 interface to work with Metamask at which time hosting for the centralized NEVERDIE wallet will be suspended. Ensure you have your private key and passphrase saved and stored safely or move tokens from your NEVERDIE Wallet to another Wallet.

To Access Your Private Key follow these Steps by August 10th 2019

#1. Login to your wallet @

#2 Go To Settings.

#3 Click on Wallet

#4 View Eth Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet or Litecoin Wallet to Access your Keys.

#5 Copy and Store Safely.

Step 1 to install the My NEVERDIE Wallet Skill





  1. a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

NEVERDIE (NDC) & Teleport (TPT) unite in utility.

NEVERDIE will begin the process of unifying the utility of NDC & TPT.

The utility function of NDC has been updated in the NEVERDIE Ecosystem to require TPT.

The Base Value of a Teleport Token is defined as one game life or one teleportation. This functionality can be observed in the game Dragon King which enables players to acquire Dragons or other characters for ETH and Cash them out for ETH within the Dragon King Smart Contract. The Nominal value of a Single Life or a Teleportation within the NEVERDIE ecosystem has been set at $0.10 …

NDC Status News

We are currently awaiting news regarding the status of NDC exchange listings & delistings

We are still preparing the TPT Airdrops to NDC holders and will provide updates once we have clarification from exchanges.

In the Meantime the NEVERDIE Wallet development has continued and we will shortly release info on the progress..

Die Hard NEVERDIE fans in the meantime might want to check out the latest updates in the ROCKtropia Virtual World.


With the Latest update of Dragon King now Live. Dragon King is very happy to welcome its first official Sponsors Tronman & Easy Crypto Hunter

NEVERDIE will consolidate utility function into the Teleport token (TPT)

NEVERDIE Will start 2019 by uniting the utility functions of the NEVERDIE Coin (NDC) and the Teleport token (TPT) into one Coin.

The Next update of Dragon King will require Teleport tokens (TPT) to pay for Protection in addition to Teleportation.

Existing Holders of NDC will have the opportunity to convert to TPT through Airdrops and token swaps.

The Teleport token (TPT) is currently listed on LIQUID and EtherDelta and will be added to more exchanges and will eventually be listed by Coin Market Cap as usage grows on the blockchain.

Current NDC Transfer Data

Current Teleport Transfer Data

The Consolidation of NDC and TPT into one primary coin will reduce future costs associated with exchange listings and marketing and will lead to a more focused and robust market which is necessary for underwriting our indie Game Development funds.

The NEVERDIE Coin (NDC) was designed to reflect the value of a Quarter in an arcade game. In the heyday of Amusement arcades a Quarter was enough to start a game and have 3 Lives. Essentially every time the Space Invaders destroyed your cannon you were down 8 cents.

Starting in early 2017 the NEVERDIE team have been developing the NEVERDIE Crypto Gaming Wallet to manage all your gaming tokens as well as to hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and all other ERC20 tokens.

In addition to the NEVERDIE Wallet, the team has developed the first DApp Game, DRAGON KING that…

Dragon King top#5 on DappRadar

With the Release of V.2, Dragon King has been in and out of the Top #10 all week, with a peak position so far at #5.

Free Eth Dragon

Dragon King Version 2.0 is now live and features Dragons, Knights, Mages and Archers. In addition to earning Eth, you can also earn a variety of other tokens Experience, Skill, Luck, Strength, Magic, Dexterity, VR Gold, VR Silver, NEVERDIE Coins, Teleport tokens and Dragon Scales. Most of which will immediately enhance your game play in Dragon King and later in other games.

Dragon King can be played with a Metamask or Parity wallet or with the NEVERDIE gaming Wallet, which is designed for streamlined gaming on the Blockchain and has many cool features including Gravitars, Avatar view and a Rocktropia…


The latest news and developments relating to the NEVERDIE ecosystem, including NEVERDIE Coin, Teleport token, visit to find out more!

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