Dragon King and your NEVERDIE Wallet

The Dragon King & The NEVERDIE Crypto Wallet a symbiotic Relationship!

The NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport token are utilized as envisioned in our first Blockchain game Dragon King!

Very soon you will be able to do more with your NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens than trade them on Exchanges…

Dragon King is a trustless strategy game played entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Your objective is to become The Dragon King and collect taxes from your Dragon subjects and other valuable loot on a daily basis.

To become the Dragon KING you must have survived the eruptions of the Volcano and attacks from Knights longer than any of the other Dragons.

Each day the value of the Dragons and Knights that are killed in battle or by volcanic eruptions is redistributed among the Survivors with the Dragon King of course raking in the largest share.

To give yourself the best chance of survival you will have the option of spending some NEVERDIE Coins in advance to Cheat Death!

If you wish to gain an edge over your opponents you will be able to convert Eth to train a Knight to battle enemy Dragons. Teleport tokens are needed to transport your Knight to the battlefield. You May also protect your Knight with NEVERDIE Coins.

As your Dragons and Knights survive you will also accumulate tradeable skill and attribute tokens which you can store in your NEVERDIE Wallet. These Skills and attributes will unlock further gameplay opportunities in Dragon King and all other games built to connect to the NEVERDIE Ecosystem.

At any time you will be able to recall your Dragons or Knights and claim their Value in Eth.

Your Strategy will be the key factor in your success and ability to accumulate Eth. By keeping an eye on the battlefield and the value of the Knights and Dragons in the game you will be able to best determine how to spread your Eth among a Variety of Dragon maturities to gain the greatest benefit as other Dragons are killed. The Higher the maturity of your Dragon the larger percentage of the dispersed Ethereum you will receive. However the higher Maturity Dragons will require a greater number of NEVERDIE Coins to protect them.

All of the API’s developed in the creation of Dragon King are able to be re-used by other game developers who choose to utilize NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens in their game design, which will reduce the time needed to create each new game.

The NEVERDIE Wallet and Dragon King are designed with the vision of the Ethereum Blockchain as the World Computer in mind. Fully Decentralized transparent game mechanics and ownership of all of your treasures, skills and attributes which you can trade Peer to Peer on the blockchain and designed to be used in 1000’s of future games and worlds funded through smart contract distribution of NDC & TPT.

We are focusing our efforts now on polishing and testing the first incarnation of Dragon King and the NEVERDIE Wallet so that we can go live as soon as possible and deliver on our promise to you to build the foundation for a trillion dollar virtual goods economy on the Blockchain…

NEVERDIE Studios has chosen to focus on getting the job done, developing API’s, designing simple game play, finding credible collaborators and creating an essential blockchain gaming wallet which can be used by all of our partners. The trials and tribulations and hoopla of getting tokens listed on exchanges and the other challenges we encounter as we blaze our trail on the blockchain we prefer not to dwell on or publicize.

We are in it for the long haul and as soon as we release Dragon King and the NEVERDIE Wallet we will be listening to our community to help guide us in our future development. We do anticipate a more vibrant back and forth dialog with our community as our games go live.

If you wish to stock up on NEVERDIE Coins or Teleport tokens before the release of Dragon King, they are currently trading on HitBTC, Qryptos, C-Cex and Ether Delta. Paired with ETH, BTC, USD and QASH.

NEVERDIE and Teleport tokens will be able to be purchased directly from Dragon King at a cost always significantly above the current market price.

Keep an ear out for exciting announcements coming soon from NEVERDIE regarding Airdrops, expansion and further insights into the features of the first release of the NEVERDIE Wallet.



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