The Dragon who would be King

Protect your Dragon King with a NEVERDIE Coin. Image Copyright NEVERDIE Studios 2017

We are now in the testing phase of Dragon King our first Ethereum blockchain Fantasy game that utilizes NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens.

You will compete against other players to accumulate Ethereum and guide your Dragon to the throne where you will earn Gold and Silver tributes and rare Dragon Scales. But first you must survive eruptions from the active Volcano and encounters with fierce Knights who will teleport to the battlefield at the behest of your enemies.

Send your Knight to the Battlefield with a Teleport token

Will you insure your Dragons with NEVERDIE coins to cheat death and shift the odds in your favor or use Teleport tokens to send Knights to battle the competition.

Dragon King is powered by a variety of Ethereum Blockchain smart contacts and fueled by NEVERDIE ERC-20 tokens.