The Road to immortality starts with a Cypto Wallet?

Sneak Peak at the NEVERDIE Dev Portal

Where the Hell do you Keep your most valuable asset? Depends what the Asset is I suppose.. What if the Asset was your uploaded consciousness? What if it was your essence? You would want to keep it somewhere safe and also somewhere that it was easy to access. Cold Storage for your consciousness would be a drag, kind of like being in Siberia.. What about a virtual world? Depends who owns the virtual world right? Could you trust them with your most valuable asset? Could you trust them with you? I don’t think so.. We see enough abuse when we trust ourselves to our own countries never mind some privately owned Virtual World…

But a Wallet? Yes a Wallet! Your freaking wallet! Your NEVERDIE Wallet… the best place to store your uploaded self. And when you want to explore virtual worlds you do it from the safety of your wallet. And if the bad guys try to get you, trap you, copy you or delete you… Too bad, they can’t, you are safe in you wallet…

Ok okay okay, I get it, kinda, but that’s a long way off, it’s not possible to upload our consciousnesses yet… What I want to know is what the Hell is going on with NEVERDIE? I want updates. Everyday, or at least alot, very alot, more often than not, please, pretty please. Just keep us up to date.

Agreed We can’t yet fully upload our consciousnesses but we can develop a wallet to secure and offer access to your second most valuable asset, your currency. By creating an awesome secure wallet to keep your digital currency and tokens safe and easily accessible while you cavort across the blockchain, we are laying the ground work for a secure place to keep yourself when you upload.

The great thing about the NEVERDIE wallet is that as we develop it, we are also developing API’s to interact with the NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens in many different ways..

To enable our Wonderful community of NDC and TPT holders to keep their fingers on the development pulse at NEVERDIE, we are finishing a web portal that will provide an uptodate overview of our progress. This will be accessible quite soon.

NEVERDIE Development Portal

What is Dragon King? Dragon King is the name of our first web/mobile game that will utilize both the NEVERDIE Coin and The Teleport token and provide players with the opportunity to win Eth and also harvest tokenized assets needed for crafting Virtual Weapons and Armor on the Blockchain.. Its a Fun game where you can employ strategy to overcome your opponents and reduce the odds against you. We are working with a brilliant team to develop the smart contracts and fun Bright graphics.. This Game is very important because it enables us to develop our API’s and as we progress, with wallet integration. We are optimistic that Dragon King will be released in early December.

We have also just completed the design Docs for our funds that are to be managed by Smart contracts. With the funds fully automated Players and Non players alike will have a way to earn NDC through the stimulation of the ROCKtropia Virtual World Economy. To learn more about the funds and what you can do right now with your NDC check out this video created by Doc Gray, the Governor of ROCKtropia.

How to play with NEVERDIE Funds

All I care about is Exchanges! Yes We understand. You want to trade in NDC on a big fat exchange! We want that for you too! Problem is that Real World Governments have been busy Spooking all the Exchanges. So instead of banging our heads against the Wall we are focusing on Dev. We have added TPT and NDC to Etherdelta so market makers can play with that for now. NDC is also paired with BTC and USD on C-Cex. Although in both these exchanges the Market needs to develop.

Anything really exciting to report? Yes quite a few things are brewing that can have a significant impact on the global awareness and adoption of the NEVERDIE Coin, I have a meeting this week another AAA RPG developer who may soon be joining us in our efforts to unite Virtual Worlds and create Real gamified jobs by including NDC and TPT in the gameplay also the screenplay for a Tech Action Thriller where the NEVERDIE Coin is central to the plot is currently being written by an Iconic Hollywood Screenwriter…