Dig Deep to Find Real Gold, treasure.

“From “inner-city blues” to the blue hues of Santa Monica Beach, Deep blue Giant.”


It’s like we were waiting to live. Drowning on dry land, suffocating like fish out of water. Many of us were living month to month, check to check, or day to day lifestyles. I didn’t understand why.

There I was, a youngster right in the middle of it all, not saying many words just watching the scenes. My eyes glued to the “TV screen”. I tuned in to every channel. I watched every movie, all the TV shows, and I hung on every line of dialog, trying to understand the script of “misunderstood”.

My mind went into overdrive. It started to outrun the speed of my processor and most of the programs offered were infected. So, I downloaded the so called “best” antivirus programs to my “computer”, if you dig what I’m saying, but they were all too lame, and the viruses remained. So, I learned to operate like a surgeon, using a scalpel to cut through the bullshit in order to keep web surfing through life.

There was a song by the Five Stairsteps that my Grandfather and Grandmother used to play on Sundays, “Ooh-oo child things are going to get easier, ooh-oo child things are going to get brighter, someday… We’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done, some day. When your head is much lighter”. It was a song on repeat to the soundtrack of our life. I just keep reminding myself that life wasn’t perfect but it would all be worth it, someday, just like the song say.

I learned to live the good life in my mind. Basketball was my “therapy”. I ate, slept and dreamt it. But it was only my fourth love, the sweet, deep sounds of “Sade Adu’s” music was my third, listening to conversationalist was my second, and my parents were my first love.

I came to California to find treasure, gold. But when I got here I realized everything here has a golden tint to it because the sun shined bright in Los Angeles. After, being lost for a time, I realized that I had to dig deep to find real gold, to find real love, and to find my personal legend.

Inner city born, who knew the waves of the sea would ground me, and set me free, like a bird with the words, like a birth from the hers.

The Deep Blue Giant has emerged, word.


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