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As we’re heading into weeks 3, or 4 or even longer of the COVID pandemic, I’ve noticed my friends and clients show the strain of social and business isolation.

For the introverts amongst us, social isolation is less of a burden than it is for the extroverts. I’m happily ensconced behind my computer, working on the next version of one of my self-study courses. I sometimes feel I can go on like this indefinitely. But even as an introvert I’m feeling the need to connect and converse with humanity around me.

If you’re an extrovert, you feel that need even…

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In the time of self-isolation, the use of online video conferencing like Zoom, Skype, GotoMeeting and Microsoft Teams have skyrocketed. By necessity we’re conducting our calls online and learning a new way of working.

Everywhere you look there are guides and how-to’s for how to keep your calls safe from intruders, keeping your boss from knowing when your attention is wandering (a Zoom-specific feature) and keeping your laundry out of sight.

But as many guides and articles as I’ve seen around the Internet, I’ve missed the very basic guidelines that help you look more professional on online calls.

So in…

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Names and some details in this story have been changed. I’m sharing the story with the permission of the original person.

My friend James is a business coach, and a damn fine one at that (he’s helped me with some sticky problems). His main channel to market is LinkedIn where he’s really active and getting a lot of responses.

But somehow James just wasn’t able to make the sales he wanted to. He adjusted his messaging (which got him leads he was ideally suited to help) and scheduled video calls. He delivered a ton of value on LinkedIn and in…

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I have a small confession to make. In the grand scheme of things, this is not the biggest or worst confession ever, but it took me so long before I made the decision that it feels like a Really Big Thing to me. Here it is:

I’ve recently started using pop-ups on my website.

I’m no fan of pop-ups, and I know most people aren’t. But in this case I think the pain is worth the value I — and visitors to my site — are getting from this. First, these pop-ups are relatively non-intrusive. Second, the questions I’m asking…

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Just about everyone who runs a business has heard of a newsletter or blog — the idea that you provide your subscribers with weekly (or regular) content that will keep them engaged with your business. Get people to subscribe to your newsletter, so the theory goes, and you can build trust by continuously providing value. When you do make an offer of one of your products or services, they’re more likely to buy than someone who just heard of you.

But there are problems with the venerable newsletter (or blog articles).

First, there are a ton of newsletters out there…

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Do you remember that dream you had when you started your business? You knew it was going to be hard work, but you also knew you were going to be successful. And that success had — and still has — an incredible excitement to it.

When we’re successful, our business hums along. Clients are lining up to buy our services or products. We have more time for ourselves. We travel more and spend more time with our families. Whatever your dream is, it is of a life that is different from today.

Your dream is probably quite clear to you…

How to build a business — and have a life

When you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start, use this technique.

Every entrepreneur is familiar with overwhelm. Sometimes in a big way, sometimes small, but the million things that you have to take care of never seem to get smaller. The very reason you started a business in the first place — to have more control over your time — sometimes seems like a dream receding into the distance.

Sometimes the overwhelm is so bad you start slowing down. Work piles up, you can’t get stuff done, you’re running late on other stuff and people are waiting for you. …

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I published my first blog article on May 26, 2017 — almost exactly two years ago from today. Looking at my blog and stats in Ulysses (my writing app), there’s a total of 149 articles (this article will be number 150) and collectively the articles contain some 240,000 words.

While this may sound impressive (and I was quite impressed with myself when I first looked up the stats), I must admit that it’s mostly my ego that’s impressed. …

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I’ve been a student of productivity all my life.

Sometimes my interest in productivity has been more important than actual productivity. I’ve experimented with just about all the systems out there and built a few for myself. Every time the hope has been that a new system would somehow motivate or force me into hyper-productivity, getting tons of stuff done and reaching my goals faster than I ever thought possible.

Reality turns out to be a bit different.

Just adopting a time management system does not mean your productivity is going to soar.

A time management system is a lot…

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Last week someone I was a guest on a podcast (I’ll add the link as soon as it’s available). One of the questions the host asked me was how entrepreneurs can start building passive income — for many of us, the holy grail of entrepreneurship.

The idea with passive income is of course that you can build something that sells with little or no ongoing effort. There are many examples of passive income: rental properties, dividend income, affiliate marketing and ebooks are some of the most common ones.

The problem with many of these methods is that you need money…

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