Personalized or Private Search: Google vs DDG

Google is the preferred search engine by the majority of online users throughout the world. It offers personalized results for each search query typed into its search box. Google results are adapted to the specific location of the given user, his unique hobbies, interests, favorite selection of online resources, search and purchase history, device used and to a number of additional factors.

At first glance such customized service could be rather tempting, but as all shiny things are — they come at a price. In this case the price to pay is your privacy. In order to enjoy the benefits of the personalized search you are to allow search engines to track your personal info, to collect it and keep it on a record. Often this data is shared with other enterprises, companies and the local government (upon their request).

This infographic does not aim at answering the question which search engine is better: Google or DuckDuckGo. Its main goal is to reveal the pros and cons of both personalized and private search and to make you think for a second which type of search engine would best fit your needs.

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