“Trust Me”…Trusting God For My New Year's Resolutions

About a year ago I was listening to John Eldredge on his Ransomed Heart Podcast. He had some great advice concerning New Year’s resolutions, “…ask God for a Word.”

Everybody has fantastic hopes and ideas they will strive for over the next 365 days, or more realistically, they avoid resolutions like the plague attempting to avoid another disastrous failure of missed opportunity. Bet you can’t remember yours from last year? If you can, did you follow thru? “But 2016 is going to be the year,” you say. Yeah, good luck with that.

I took John’s advice and simply asked God instead, and you know what, He came through.

The word wasn’t profound or earth shattering, it was something pretty simple, something we should all do and know already. It wasn’t condemning or guilt ridden, it was, well…godly. He simply said, “Trust Me.”

At first I thought, “Yeah, yeah I know, that’s so simple, of course trust God. Duh!” But then I began to try it. It honestly took some effort at first, a situation would come up and I would hear it, “Trust Me,” and I would. After awhile, I realized it came easier and easier. I didn’t have to have all the answers, all the solutions, and all I had to do was trust that He did. That word came back time after time and things started falling into place; things I had dreamed about and things I worried over all became easier.

The biggest thing that has occurred in the last year is the fulfillment of a dream and a calling. Several years ago God spoke another word to me. He called me to follow Him into ministry. Without getting into all the gory details here, suffice it to say, this year it happened.

Instead of me making it happen, or creating it by my own will, or even seeking out the will of God, it happened. New 4RMations was created. The long and the short of it is I trusted God and He made it happen. God used people and circumstances, my following through with simple acts of faith, and He formed a new creation. Pretty cool, huh?

It is amazing to me what and whom God has used in the creation of this ministry and how quickly things are moving. It is exciting and scary and awesome all at the same time. The details and stories of how simply trusting God has formed this New 4RMation would fill volumes. Much hard work is ahead and many awesome adventures are already being planned for 2016 and beyond as we form something new from the heart of God.

As this year comes to an end a New Year is still in its early stages, take some good advice, like I did. Trust God. I know, its too simple, its childish, its too easy. Well, is it?

I encourage you to join us at New 4RMations as we create a new thing with God.

Our purpose is to reach the largest un-evangelized people group…men. We exist to use the unique format of outdoor adventure, and social interaction to attract men of all ages and reach them for Christ. Our intention is to affect the lives, communities and dominions of the lives of men to more effectively serve their families and communities in order to have a positive impact on all of society. We believe the message of the freedom and truth of the gospel will eternally impact the lives of our participants and their families thus benefitting all of society.

Pretty big stuff, huh? How do you do all that? You probably can guess the answer by now…trust God!

Men, will you trust Him and join us in this great adventure? We have many awesome events planned for 2016:

The first is right around the corner our Band of Brothers Workshop. This event will give you the tools to join with us in our effort to reach other men. A full day of hands on training to equip you as a leader to form your own Band of Brothers who will walk with you and have your back. Not just accountability. Accountability is great, what you really need is somebody who has got your six.

Fishing, we got it. Spring Adventure on the Tuck is already filling up! This is going to be an awesome trip.

Bonfires, more of our awesome Bonfire Series is slated and on the books for 2016.

Got an idea for an adventure or have a connection we can use? Help us blaze a new trail! We are still planning the years events so chime in. Come and join us in 2016 and help us to shape New 4RMations.

Your Brother in Christ,

Tim McNamara

Co-Founder & Vice President of New 4RMations

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