Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I really was hoping for something completely new, not least because the latest OS updates have slowed my 2013 model down to crazy slow processing times. I NEED a new Mac but I need it to be an upgrade not just a gimmic with a heavy price tag.

Sadly, I’ve thought this many times in the recent couple of years about Apple and its ‘ecosystem’. The fact that you need multiple adaptors to be able to connect with various bits of hardware, and then the lack of consistency within it’s own core product range (headphone jacks being the latest) makes me feel like Apple has gone down the accessories business model. Everything should work seamlessly without any need for additional ‘thinking’ to solve the problem.

Someone posted a link about Microsoft taking ground from Apple and I would say that if it was a hardware swap, then yes I would be in for that. Unfortunately (used to be fortunately) the OS and software and it’s UX that I have on my MacBook Pro keeps me in Apple’s ecosystem.

Ps. An off topic question but does relate to seamless ecosystems — what is the point of iCloud? I still can’t work out how it’s saving me storage space as the files still need to be on the Mac.

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