New Donbas congratulates our friends Коптер Клуб Коростень on a new stage of their activity! Kopter club was established about half a year ago by musician and former military volunteer Ivan Norozhnov. He works with IDP’s children and schoolboys from Korosten teaching them how to fly drones. What is more, other specialists share with children their experience on electronics, programming, design and aeromodelling, piloting, video and photo editing and so on. It allows children not only to get some useful knowledge and skills that may determine their future profession. It allows them (especially to IDPs) to find new friends, communicate with each other and express themselves. Now thanks to the support of Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine/ Посольство Латвійської Республіки в Україні and local administration KKK has an own equipped room for classes. All the members of the Club are extremely enthusiastic, have many ideas and are ready to develop! Among the nearest plans is to purchase a new machinery (copters must be renewed from time to time) and to participate in the international competitions. Good luck!
Here you may see a video of press-conference -

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