Dux-Soup: the LinkedIn automation tool that is changing the way we reach people

A friend of mine recommended LinkedIn marketing automation type tool to me a few months ago as a way to help with sales and recruiting. At first I was wasn’t completely sold, but after committing to using it for a few weeks straight, I’ve already started to see a difference being made in my network. I’m using it as a sales/marketing tool, but this is a dynamite recruiting engine if used correctly with a little bit of personalized messaging on your side.

Here’s how it works:

You’ve probably seen it on LinkedIn before. When someone views your profile, you get a little notification. “Sean Little has viewed your profile.” What do you do? You read the little headline under their name and click to view their profile if you find the headline mildly interesting.

Well, Dux-Soup takes that impulse that people have, the curiosity that drives you to view the profiles of people who have viewed yours, and turned it into a semi-automated marketing engine.

To get started, you have to set up your profile. You would go to your LinkedIn Profile and click “Edit Profile” and change your headline from “Sales Rep at NewHire” to “Helping Small and Mid Sized Businesses Hire Better people” or whatever you think your target audience will be enticed by. (It’s something I tweak every other time I use the tool, so you have some room to experiment here. You’ll have a different headline for when you’re viewing potential clients vs potential employees obviously.)

Then, you would add a summary to your profile that acts as a mini-pitch for your business. Mine says something like:

Connect with my on LinkedIn if you want to talk about hiring!

Many business owners and HR executives are frustrated with the hiring process. Not enough applicants, a process that takes too long, wasting time with unqualified candidates during interviews, or the dreaded bad hire — these are all things that hiring managers face every day. What if there was a different way?

NewHire helps small and mid-sized businesses from all over the country, in several different industries, find the right person for their open positions. We provide the candidates, the hiring tools, and the coaching to help businesses succeed in building great teams.

Visit our website to find our more: www.new-hire.com

After the profile is set up like this, download “Dux-Soup” on Google Chrome’s web browser. It views LinkedIn profiles automatically in the background of your computer from a LinkedIn Search Page. If you go to this link from Google Chrome and hit “Try it now,” the free version should be added to your browser plug-ins. I think it will ask you to pay $15 or something if you want to do certain things within the app, but so long as you just want to view profiles, you should be able to use the trial version forever.

What you do then is go to LinkedIn’s “Advanced Search” feature and look for the title “Owner” or “President” with the location you’re interested in. In the right hand corner of your browser, you will be able to select “Visit Profiles” from the Dux Soup plug-in.

The tool will automatically visit all of the profiles in the search you did. Those people will be subsequently be sent a notification that “YOUR NAME visited your profile” and be able to see your headline, which of course, you have changed to entice them.

Of all the people the tool views, about 15% of them will see that headline and view your profile back. Some of them will click the link in your summary section. Others, you can connect with and try to engage in a conversation about your business or their business. Try a few different messages when reaching out to these people to connect. “Hey, I noticed in your profile that you do this… Seems like we run in the same circles. Do you take care of x,y,z at your company?”

When using the tool to do recruiting, you’d obviously want to search for the types of candidates you’re interested in and send them to your job advertisement. It’s not magic, but given a little trial and error, Dux-Soup can work wonders for you!

Want to chat about Dux-Soup, NewHire, or anything else related to recruiting, hiring, and selling better? Feel free to shoot me an email at sean@new-hire.com!

Writer | Beloiter | Speaker | Recruiting and Hiring Adviser | Every job deserves the right person. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sean-little/9b/464/383

Writer | Beloiter | Speaker | Recruiting and Hiring Adviser | Every job deserves the right person. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sean-little/9b/464/383