Clinton vs. Trump Schoolyard Style

Brillaintly put, from the mind of my older brother…

The thing of it is: nobody really likes Hillary. She just doesn’t seem like an enjoyable person. I don’t even think Bill likes her, maybe Chelsea does. She’s the person that nobody in class really talks to if they don’t have to; she sometimes wears weird horse themed sweaters, she knows all the administrators and faculty by name and argues with the teacher over why she was docked a point on her essay even though she got the highest grade in the class. Oh and she has totally won the attendance award for the last three years in a row. You may not want to invite her to your movie night, but you damn sure want her in your group for that project that’s worth 30% of your final grade.

On the other hand, Donald doesn’t even go to your school, he goes to the prep school across town. The only time you ever met him he was “slumming it” at your friends house party and bragging about all the video game systems he owns. Then later in the evening you saw him feel up the passed out girl on the couch. Trump is a joke; not as a candidate but as an actual human. The bad part is that he’s actually only the set up part of the joke, the punchline is all of us.