My Conspiracy Theory on Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj

After years of lyrical foreplay, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma have finally gotten to the fucking….

Like every other rap fan throughout the world, when Nicki Minaj let off her light dis records with personal favorite, Gucci Man and in my opinion, overrated and over produced, pop star, Jason Derulo, I gave them both a fair spin. Ok, full disclosure, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the Derulo record (just not my vibe) but the Gucci collaboration was informative enough to see where she was coming from. Of course, in true “give me my fucking crown back” style and in less than a little bit, Remy Ma responded with one of the best dis records to be released.

On the night of February 24th, both new and old hip hop fans were more than stimulated fresh off the release of Future’s latest album, HNDRXX and glued to their streaming devices for three solid hours as two of the most respected and prestigious production heavyweights in hip hop history, Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze live streamed a beat battle on Instagram. If you’re a real nerd, like I am, you were most likely going between three different streams just so you didn’t miss a second of the colossal competition that what somewhat reminiscent of a nostalgic slap in the face in addition to a friendly reminder that they both producers have archives fit for Kings.

But wait there’s more, at a moment of sonic serendipity, fresh Atlanta trap at our disposal to drive and get lit too, a three hour history lesson and a sneak listen to a new joint with Jay- Z, DMX, Nas and Jadakiss at the hands of Swizz Beatz previewing it at the end of the battle and now, a seven minute Nicki Minaj dis track to dissect and get petty with on social media was catapulted into the world and Remy Ma was immediately the acting undisputed female heavyweight champion of the moment.

I’ve read article after article on the same redundant angle that Remy bodied Nicki and I think that is something we can all easily agree on. That is not opinion at this point, it is a fact. As the proud owner of an internal dialogue that never really allows me the luxury of not overanalyzing any and everything, I got to thinking.

Nicki let off a few light shots, bb gun bubblegum shit, Remy came with the canon, Nicki is focussing on video shoots and posting more pictures of her undeniably lusty body while all the dope boys and everyone one else in the world go crazy over “SHETHER”. Yes, if you’ve been in a coma or found yourself visiting Cuba, the beautiful and cultured country of no service and worse wifi, you should know, Remy’s dis was over the Nas’s 2001 dis to Hov, “Ether”. She implemented a lot of the original format, the mathematical breakdown etc. A song full of punchlines with probably two filler lines in seven minutes isn’t anything to look lightly on.

But bare with me here, Nicki hasn’t responded with ANY music. She isn’t a rookie in this game. She knows better than that. Despite her questionable decision making in the surgery department, Nicki is no idiot. She saw Meek make the same mistake with Drake last year and second hand witnessed how that can affect your notoriety in the rap game. There are rumors that Remy has a second dis track in the chamber to be released in March, alongside Lil Kim who has had notorious beef with Nicki Minaj for the past few years, herself. They also say Cardi B is going to be on it but I didn’t think that held much relevance, so think what you will. In all honesty, I nominate, Young M.A if it is going to be 2017’s answer to Kim, Missy, Angie, Da Brat and the late great, Left Eye’s 1997 “Ladies Night”.

On with my conspiracy theory…..Still… not a word from Nicki. Maybe I’ve transcended into this pseudo feminist to even suggest this but what if Nicki is shutting up deliberately? Is she that strategic and methodical? It has been far too long since two female emcees were at the forefront of hip hop. When I was growing up Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy, Left Eye etc were not only in the game and flourishing but even beefing, collaborating, and charting at the same time. Somehow, the presence of women in hip hop has been diluted over the years. For reasons that I assume are some sort of societal misogynistic behind the curtain type shit. The genre has more recently only allowed one woman at a time to reign. I think we all know that Nicki can sell records. We all know that Remy can rap. Maybe Nicki is sitting back so that Remy can remind the casual rap fan of her capabilities, potential and resume, in order for her to comfortably move up to her rightful position in rap’s royal court. Maybe they are both in on this mastermind plan. Sure, it’s possible that I’ve been to one to many Women’s Marches and activist gathering, to the point where my disposition on most things is clouded by a my high off of the women’s empowerment and equality movement. Either way you slice it, I’ve thoroughly convinced myself that Nicki is allowing Remy this time to run. To kill it and not only demand her respect but to take it.

Critics are saying that there isn’t anything Nicki can rebuttal with which is why the cat has her tongue. That she isn’t releasing a joint because she has no angle but I find that hard to believe. Minaj can easily go in on discrediting Remy’s street cred, breakdown her sales or lack thereof, clowning her served time, she can bring up Pap’s lack of commercial success and can even throw a spin on the Drake shots at Meek on some “shout out all these bum bitches wifing niggas”. At the least she can return the below the belt hits that Remy gave her and address the miscarriage that Remy and Pap let play out on Love and Hip Hop. You think none of that stuff has entered Nicki’s head? You think that Wayne and Drake haven’t put a battery in her back by now? I’m sure Drake has stressed the importance of making a dis song that can double as a club hit like he did with “Back to Back” and everything else. Still, not a word from Nicki. She’s letting Remy ride this shit till the wheels fall off. She’s filming visuals for her song with Gucci and some sort of secret video with Future. She hardly seems concerned about her position in this game.

I imagine that a lot of my nonsense will be put to rest in the next week. Nicki can only stay silent for so long in and industry that demands instant gratification. And Remy is probably itching to twist the blade in deeper. We’ll see how long it all takes. Like everything else in life, it’s only a matter of time. To wrap this up, I feel like it’s my rap nerd responsibility to say that although I can get into it when Nicki Minaj occasionally lays a guest verse with that Biggie flow she occasionally falls in and out of, I don’t consider myself a Minaj fan. On the other hand, once I can convince myself to get past the attire that Pap and Remy put together, they are easily one of my favorite couples and I’ve run their Hot 97 freestyles from last year back at least 20 times at some point and let three joints off their disappointing new album get regular plays in my car, too. So there’s, that. Like the rest of you, I’ll just double tap the funny memes and wait patiently for one of these women to get to these bars and do it for the culture.