The People’s President

The man pictured is so much more than a President. He was the first President that actually gave me something to believe in. I cried when he was elected and again when he was sworn into office. Partially because the thought of a black man being the leader of this “free country” was something many of us never imagined in our wildest dreams, and partially because I could finally identify with an elected official for once in my life. Even if it ends up only being “that one time” it was honor to bare witness to it and to be a citizen of the nation lead by President Barack Obama.

He looked like me. He looked like what I knew America to be, a hybrid of different ethnicities; a remix of several people coming together. He embodied compassion, class, intellect, sophistication and lacked much of the tackles fascism that so many world leaders before him exhibited. He was moved by art and music and love while identifying with musicians and artists that have inspired us throughout our lives. Do you know what it’s like to finally see your country’s elected leader be humanized? Listen to the songs you sing? Care about the issues that stick to your ribs and turn you inside out? Look into his wife’s eyes to find solitude? Shit, our last 5 presidents appeared dead inside. Not this time! Obama lead with so much life. He did what he said and said what he meant. He is a man of integrity who feels and laughs and cares and that put all of us at ease. It all seems a bit inconsequential to magnify basic human decency but keep in mind that valuing basic traits like that stems from somewhere. There’s always been a robotic undertone to all of our politicians. Obama has soul and lead with it.

Two terms later, as we find ourselves in the last quarter of one of the biggest games this country has scene disguised as the 2016 Presidential election, there are hopeful democrats, hyper right wing conservatives, frustrated liberals, and hopeless green party members cringing on the edge of their seats watching this presidential race between Clinton and Trump like it’s a bad car accident that we all hate to witness but can’t turn away from. The one thing everyone can agree on is that we’d all pretty much rather drink our own piss than vote one of the candidates we are left with into office. It’s reminiscent of being left with only the purple starburst.

Our President Barack Obama has lead with elegance and class during a time where much was done to strip both from the naturally born leader. Best Pres to do it since JFK. As he leaves the office he held so gracefully, I’ll secretly hear an acapella rendition of Boyz II Men’s It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye, in my head, while imagining a montage of his greatest public moments. His jump shot, expanding National service, Michelle fixing his tie, The new start treaty, hugging Hov on stage, coordinating international response to financial crisis, passing the stimulus, passing the wall street reform, ending the war in Iraq, Pulling troops from Afghanistan, the mic drop. He’s the president of our dreams and we’re all forced to wake up sooner than we want. Whether we like it or not, we’re in overtime and minutes are turning into seconds and even those are beginning to slip away. We have to make a play; it will affect our lives from here on out. Quick. Shoot. No. Don’t shoot. Call time out. What do you mean we don’t have any more timeouts left?