KUNM Call In Show 4/13 8a: Governor Susana Martinez vetoed a record 51 percent of the bills state lawmakers sent to her desk this year. She vetoed the entire budget for the state Legislature, every dollar for state colleges and universities, a total of $800 million in vetoes. The governor says she plans to call lawmakers back to Santa Fe for a special session. But what will be different? Will any of the bills she vetoed be back on the table?

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March 24, 2017: Listen to the story from our partner KUNM here.

State lawmakers proposed 32 changes to the New Mexico Constitution during this year’s 60-day legislative session. Only two passed — they’ll likely be approved by voters in 2018. But the state constitution is already 4.5 times longer than the federal one. So, what does it mean when a constitution looks more like a user’s manual than a clear, concise list of fundamental rights?

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The New Mexico State Records Center and Archives houses the original state constitution.


State Historian Rick Hendricks slipped on white cotton gloves as he entered the cavernous archives vault in Santa Fe. It was chilly and he pulled out New Mexico’s original constitution. …

March 22, 2017: Listen to the story here from our partner KUNM.

Education Secretary Hanna Skandera has been a champion of charter schools, but some lawmakers aren’t so sure. This session they proposed several reforms to New Mexico’s charter school system, which continues to be plagued by a lack of clarity and transparency at the state level.

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A mixed class of juniors and seniors talks geopolitical history at Explore Academy in Albuquerque. Photographer: Hannah Colton.

In a history class at Explore Academy charter school in Albuquerque, seniors like Konner Robison are debating whether the U.S. should pull troops out of the Middle East.

Robison says they’re spending a month on just a couple conflicts that a traditional public school might gloss over in a day or two. …


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