Open Data Bill & Capital Finance in NM

Campaign Finance Open Data Bill Advances

The public could have a much clearer picture of money in politics if a bill adding open data features to the state’s electronic campaign finance system is successful. The proposal was advanced Monday the Senate Rules Committee.

The bill (HB 105), would require candidates to go online to submit information about their fundraising and spending.

It would also make it easier for the public to verify information in campaign finance reports by adding cross-referencing features to the state’s electronic campaign finance reporting system. Read more about the bill here.

White House Releases Open-Data Budget

The White House has released the President’s budget and for the first time it’s in an open data format. This means that citizens can explore an interactive, visual budget online and the raw data can be downloaded and used by anybody who wants to explore how the US spends its money.

This gives Americans unprecedented access to the ways their tax dollars are spent and makes it easy for people without degrees in accounting and economics to get a grip on the federal budget. Read more from New Mexico in Depth here.

People, Power and Democracy is a collaborative media project between KUNM, New Mexico in Depth, New Mexico News Port and New Mexico PBS that explores the influence of money in New Mexico politics. Support for the project comes from the Thornburg Foundation.

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